Why and when should I visit a chiropractor?

Often in chiropractic we see people with ‘acute’ symptoms with a sudden onset with no specific cause. However, what we are all guilty of and very few aware of, is the huge amount of stressors we expose our bodies to and we often forget how adaptable our bodies are to these stressors. It is only when such stressors become too much for our bodies to deal with, and when we are no longer able to compensate, that injury and so symptoms occur. These stressors can include some of the following;

  • physical (lifting, bending, prolonged sitting)
  • chemical (poor diet/nutrition, exposure to foreign bodies)
  • social (sleeping position, dominant sided, crossing legs)
  • psychological (stress, anger, depression)
These stressors place demands on our bodies that we must adapt and compensate for, however this leads to gradual changes in our bodies and overtime this can eventually lead to injury. In many cases we are given warning signs, i.e. twinges in the low back, headaches, aching in the knees,  all of which we often ignore or take medication for, this however just disguises or reduces the symptoms…..and it is these symptoms which are the warning signs that we should NEVER ignore as these can then escalate and then lead to more chronic injury. A chiropractic check can detect areas of biomechanical dysfunction even before there are obvious symptoms and therefore this dysfunction can be addressed early before it develops into a chronic complaint.

Prevention is always better than cure which is why we offer free 20 minute chiropractic health checks to help identify issues before they start to cause you problems.