Prices (as of 1st May 2022)

Initial Chiropractic Consultation

  • Over 16 years

Initial Chiropractic Consultation

  • Under 16 Years

Chiropractic Treatment


  • Over 16 Years

Chiropractic Treatment


  • Double Appointment

Chiropractic Re-activation


  • last visit over 12 months

Digital x-rays


  • taken at Kernow Chiropractic, Truro

Important: Check your personal and work-related health insurance as your treatment at Jointz Chiropractic may be covered by AXA/PPP, HSA and other insurance companies.

We also offer FREE 20 MINUTE CHIROPRACTIC CHECKS/CHAT if you are unsure whether chiropractic can help you or if you have any questions you would like answered!

Opening Hours

Monday – 9am – 2pm  and 5pm – 9pm

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – 4pm – 9pm

Thursday – Closed

Friday – Closed