Fiona has recently qualified as an EQUIPILATES BIOMECHANICS TRAINER (EBT) and will be running both assessment days for individual session and is hoping to run a 6-8 week equipilates weekly class, venue TBC. These session will help to identify areas of dysfunction which can affect your symmetry in the saddle and ability to effectively shock absorb while riding which ultimately influences your horse. Your pelvis is the first area which has to adapt to the horse’s movement when riding and if there are any restrictions in joint mobility, nerve dysfunction or muscle tension in this region that can cause the pelvis to tilt, twist, rotate or hike which will have a knock on effect on your lower leg, ribcage, shoulders and head! These session will look at your posture and your gait in depth from your feet upwards to help target the areas of your body that may be causing you discomfort or just making you feel wonky in the saddle or just stopping you from achieving that flying change on the right rein! By pin pointing areas of dysfunction we can utilise cutting edge techniques to help restore function, reduce muscle spasm, improve mobility and ultimately improve your riding for you and your horse!

To gain the most benefit we recommend three session within an 8 week period where we can re-assess you at each session to monitor your progress, provide you with a tailored exercise programme, we will take video and photos during your sessions for your benefit to show your progress and help you to recall correct technique while performing the exercises.

Individual session are usually recommended over an initial three session course as follows:

SESSION 1 ; This session will take approx 90 minutes

  • It will include full postural assessment
  • Full intrinsic biomechanical assessment to locate areas of dysfunction which can affect your riding
  • Initial equipilates exercises to improve biomechanical function
  • In detail photos/video analysis and exercise programme.

SESSION 2: This session will take approx 60 minutes.

  • Re-assessment of biomechanics
  • Rider ABC protocol on the saddle horse with your own saddle to identify your weakness’ in the saddle
  • In detail photo/video analysis to review progress
  • static and dynamic assessment of your mobility on and off the saddle
  • Rider specific equipilates exercises.

SESSION 3: This session will take approx 60 minutes

  • Re-assessment of biomechanics, review your progress on paper and photos
  • Advanced core and breathing technique and how to progress
  • learning isolation techniques and combination techniques to ride effective lateral movements.